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Jennifer Haben (Beyond The Black)

My works: Her Official Website (, Instagram (@Jennifer.Haben) & Facebook Group

Mayzan & Marty

play Devil Take Tomorrow with Marty Friedman (A-Mei Concert, Singapore)

Chris Hermsdoerfer (Serenity & Beyond The Black)

My works: his Instagram

Jackson Kelly #1

Marty's Preowned from Megadeth era. Click =>IG

Gitar Klinik 2 (Album)

My original composition with Marty Friedman as guest solo

Mayzan - Tears Of An Angel

Played for El Shinta TV

Jackson Kelly #2

Marty's Preowned from Cacophony & Dragons Kiss era. Click here for more pics =>IG


plays Love Sorrow (Marty Friedman)

Mayzan plays Megadeth Medley

Medley version of: Rust In Peace, Tornado Of Souls, Lucretia & Hangar 18

Gibson Custom Shop Class 5

... in Transparent Purple

Fender Telecaster CS

Fender Telecaster Custom Shop Trans Blue

Grover Jackson Firebird

As seen in Hammersmith 92 DVD.

Soldano SLO-100 Amp

... custom made for Marty Friedman

Fractal Axe-FX II XL+

I found my dream tone in this FX. Love it so much \m/

Marshall Plexi JMP50 1971 Smallbox

I have 2 of these, 1971 & 1972! Super!

The first Indonesian Musician Online Community which I created since 2001. Click => here

Mayzan & Angel Sthefanie

played Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony

Female Fronted Metal Bands (FB Group)

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Synthetic (CD Album)

I played as guest solo in Kinwie's song: This First Love


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Mayzan as IT Entrepreneur

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Mayzan, guitarist who thinks
vibrato is one of
the most critical aspects of playing.


Born with
Hong Kong descent,
raised in
Pematang Siantar, Indonesia.

For Overall Happiness and Mental Well Being, Avoid TV News
Why put all of that Negative Data Into Your Mind?
Just grab your guitar and play it loud!
Marty Friedman

I love
metal bands

when they have these elements in their music:
symphonic/classical, catchy polymetric rhythms,
melodic, techno,
crystal clean vocal, groovy rhythm.


One of my most favorite bands. Amaranthe is a cross-genres band, their music has all the music elements I love in 1 package! Click below...

Fear Factory

This is the band that changed the way I listen to guitar rhythm and metal forever. Click below...

Arch Enemy

Pure Fucking Metal is the right term they used ;) I love all of their album. Click below...

Marty Friedman

My most favorite guitarist of all time! He influenced me in how I listen and play the music and the most important that he changed the way how I live, who I am and the meaning of my life. I hope we will always be together no matter where. Click below...

Beyond The Black

One of my most favorite bands and Jennifer Haben is my most favorite female singer. She has the most beautiful voice, look and character. Click below...


This is the song which made me picked up my electric guitar and this is STILL my most favorite guitar instrumental of all time. Click below...

Vince Neil Band

Steve Stevens is always in my top 5 guitarists and one of my major influence. This is one of the wildest hair metal ever. Click below...


"Crack A Smile And More" with Blues Saraceno.. my fav album! Click below...

Yngwie Malmsteen

One of my most favorite guitarists.I love 5 of his first albums. Click below...

Blues Saraceno

ex-Poison guitarist. \m/ Click below...

Uli Jon Roth

Ex-Scorpions guitarist. Totally distinctive guitar player, sounds like no one else. \m/ Click below...

George Lynch

Dokken - Back For The Attack. The holy grail of my guitar tone! Click below...

Beyond The Black

Million Lightyears


S Akbar


Nils is my new favorite male singer. They have great guitarists too \m/

Alan - Ashita E No Sanka

A beautiful song covered by Marty Friedman

Shotgun Messiah - Shout It Out

Harry Cody is one of my favorite guitarists \m/

Alexandra Zerner - Seducer's Diary

One of my favorite ballads


What Lies Ahead

Stitched Up Heart

Finally Free

Nick Johnston

Ghost Of the Robot Graveyard



Liv Moon


Lindsey Stirling

Take Flight

Aikawa Nanase

Guitarist: Marty Friedman/Hotei

Marty's Shirt

The shirt which Marty Friedman wore in his Live In Japan DVD! Wow! Click =>IG

Cacophony Demo Tape

The demo tape that Marty Friedman sent to the producer Mike Varney in Jun, 1986. Wow! Click =>IG

Marty Friedman Old Tape

Before Cacophony, Marty won a Marshall Amp contest with this and one of the judges was Richie Sambora. Click =>IG

All the CDs from Marty Friedman

All the stuff Marty sent to me since 2002. Click =>IG

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